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Together We are Bringin’ Lightweight Advantages On the Streets.

The customers who work with Forward have something in common:

The goal of developing lightweight solutions that are economical and suitable for series production.

Forward succeeds in achieving this goal. As numerous renowned references prove.

What do we bring to the road together?

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NIO is a Chinese automaker based in Shanghai that specializes in electric car manufacturing. The ES6 is a high-performance, intelligent electric SUV with an NEDC range of 510 km. Within 4.7 seconds, the ES6 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h. In addition, the SUV offers a comfortable, mobile living space. The NIO ES6 has an innovative lightweight composite floor, created through close collaboration with a global network of experts. Despite its low weight (>30% weight savings compared to Al baseline), it offers outstanding vehicle performance (torsional stiffness with up to 44,930 Nm/deg.), with five-star safety standards. In addition It can also be produced cost-effectively in high volumes thanks to short cycle times (2.5 min) and a fully automated process.


The Roding Roadster is a small-series sports car in innovative CFRP lightweight construction. The technology demonstrator shows how innovative construction innovative design can also be used to achieve weight and cost targets in series production. With a total weight of 950 kg and and a powerful BMW drivetrain with 320 hp, the super sports car has outstanding driving performance thanks to its low power-to-weight ratio. The modular CFRP vehicle platform is structured in four segments and and is therefore well suited to the rapid realization of derivatives with battery-electric drive, among other things.


„Adaptive City Mobility“ is a holistic mobility concept for urban regions. With its three pillars: light electric vehicle of the class L7e, manual battery changing system and networking with location-based services, the entire system is aimed at fleet operators rather than end customers. The vehicle architecture is modular in design and allows cost-effective individual cab superstructures can be realized at low cost. Forward Engineering and Roding Automobile are responsible for the vehicle development and the construction of the test prototypes.


“Your friendly neighborhood mobility solution.” These are the words our customer Local Motors uses to describe the autonomously driving minibus. Fully electrically driven, Olli’s route can be influenced via an app and thus customer-friendly mobility can be organized. In the immediate vicinity can be organized. Forward Engineering has developed the modular structure of Olli, using 3D printed components in addition to an aluminum frame construction and composite components. The idea and the appearance of Olli, come from a “crowd sourced innovation” process.

Bringing Your Goals Forward.