The unit „Composite Technologies“ offers you overall consulting for implementing fiber reinforced polymers in mass production.

We attach great importance to composite appropriate part development that is specifically designed for large scale mass production.

Large scale mass production technologies and processes
Composite part development up to mass production application
mass production appropriate composite design
Characteristic values, benchmark, testing & experiments
Cost engineering, cost accounting
Concept analysis
Prototyping of large scale procedures
Overall life cycle analysis
Integration of process simulation


Considering every aspect of application, the unit „Lightweight Design“ focuses on the engineering of innovative lightweight structures in mixed material constructions, especially aluminum, composite materials, steel and magnesium. You benefit from profound consulting in structure and body-in-white development: from the early concept stage, predevelopment and prototype construction to the mass product.

All-embracing engineering of lightweight structures
Lightweight construction in all materials and hybrid structures
Lightweight construction concepts
Know-how in automotive technology and overall vehicle conception
Body in white development
Conception and preliminary design of crash structures
construction methodology and virtual product development Prototyping of technology carriers
Overall life cycle analysis
Integration of process simulation
Integration of structure simulation